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Silk Velvet Scarves Cutting Velvet Shawls    Cutting Velvet stoles & shawls    Silk Velvet suit    Silk Velvet Shawls    Silk Velvet stoles & shawls    Silk Velvet Big Square Scarf    Triangle Silk Velvet Shawls    Brocade Velvet stoles    Brocade Velvet square scarves   
Hand Dyeing/Tie Dye Silk Velvet Scarves    Three Side Beaded Fringes Triangle Shawls   
Silk Embroidered Scarves Silk Embroidered Square Scarves    Georgette Silk Machine-Embroidery Stoles    Silk Embroidered Wraps    Silk Embroidered Handkerchief   
Silk Hand-painted scarves Silk Hand-painted handkerchief    Hand-painted Stoles & Shawls    Small Silk Georgette Stoles    Big Silk Georgette Stoles    Flat Crepe Silk Big Square Scarves    Beaded Georgette Silk stoles   
Silk Cheongsam Long Sleeve    Short Sleeve    Sleeveless    Silk Embroidered Cheongsam    Silk velvet cheongsam    Silk Brocade Long Cheongsam    Silk Brocade Short Cheongsam    Chinese Ancient Blouse    sleeveless blouse   
short sleeve blouse   
Silk Bedding Brocade Bedcover    Silk Bedspread   
kung fu suit kung fu suit   
Silk Underwear Silk Underwear Set    Silk Hand-painted Halter-top    Embroider Silk Underwear Set    Silk Embroidered Halter-top   
Silk Handicrafts Folk Arts(Chinese knots)    Wine Bottle Cover    Silk Fans    Silk Magnetic Mirror    Cushion Covers    silk purse    walkman & CD bag    Silk Napkin bag    Silk Brocade Jewelry Case   
Jewelry Roll    Table Runner    Printed Jewelry Roll    Embroidered Jewelry Roll    crochet umbrella    Rouge Box    Jewel Box    Silk Notebook    Hussif   
cheongsam handset bag    silk embroidered shoes    Silk paddle shaped fans    Silk folding fans    Silk Wall Hanging    Brocade Cup Mat    Silk Bookmark    chopsticks set    silk flower   
Silk Embroidery Single-faced Embroidery    Double-face Embroidery    Person Series    Animal Series    Flower Series    Scenery Series    Hair-embroidery    Embroidery Card    Whisht Object   
Water Village    Landscape    Farmer Picture    Flower&Birds    Xoluminous Golden Embroidery   
Silk Brocade Painting Vertical Scroll    Horizontal Scroll    Mirror Drawing   
Silk/Rayon Scarves Printed Square scarves    Machine-Embroidery Stoles   
D.K Jacquard Stoles Polyester Hand-dyeing Stripes D.K Jacquard Stoles   
Weighted Silk Weighted Silk Machine-Embroidery stoles    Weighted Silk Hand Double Embroidered Stoles   
Night Dress Flat Crepe Silk Hand-painted Night Dress    Silk/Rayon embroidered night dress    Silk Satin Night Dress    Ice-silk wide night dress    Silk/Rayon nightdress set    Polyester night dress    Womens Silk Embroidered Night Dress    Womens Silk Embroidered Sleepwear   
Silk Printed Scarves Big Square scarves    Double-deck Stoles    Handkerchief(small kerchief)    silk printed stoles    Hand-printed Small Kerchief    Hand-printed Big Square Scarves   
Digital Scarf Digital Printed stoles   
Burnout silk velvet scarves Printed square scarves   
Pineapple Clothing Pineapple Clothing   
China Fashion Series Small Silk square scarves    Big Silk square scarves    Silk Stoles   
Silk Spun Gold Scarf Silk Spun Gold Square Scarf   
Bag & Handbag Beaded handbag    Beaded purse    Bead shoulder bag    Beaded feather handbag    Beaded and sequins handbag    Beaded handset bag    Beaded and sequins shoulder bag    Brocade bag    Embroidered Sequined Handbag   
Chinese Cheongsam Bag    Silk Velvet Bag   
Sequin Belt Sequin Belt   
Bead and Sequin Top Bead and Sequin Top    knitting top   
Bead and Sequin Slipper Bead and Sequin Slipper   
Silk Embroidered Garment Silk Embroidered Shirt    Silk Embroider Suit   
Hand-crocheted triangle shawls Embroidered sequined shawls    Beaded & crocheted shawls    Hand-crocheted triangle shawls    Hand Crocheted Poncho    Hand-crocheted shrug   
Beaded Georgette Silk Scarves Sequined and embroidered Georgette Silk Stole   
Silk Pashmina Scarves Silk Pashmina Stoles   
Silk Oil Painting Scarves silk oil painting square scarf    silk oil painting stoles   
Lace scarves Lace triangle shawl    Lace stoles   
Italy pattern scarf Italy pattern square scarf   
Silk Tie chinese culture series    general silk tie   
Silk Velvet Duster Silk Velvet Duster   
Silk Gauze scarves silk gauze long scarf   
Sequined Silk Georgette Scarves sequined silk georgette long scarf   
Acrylic & Viscose Scarves acrylic & viscose long scarf   
Silk Fabric Charmeuse/Satin    Chiffon & Georgette    Silk Crepe    Dupioni    Habotai    Silk Shantung    Silk Taffeta    Twill   
MP3 Player MP3 Player Sunglasses    Mp3 Sunglasses   
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